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Welcome to my macrame site!

Welcome to my site about macrame. Macrame is a tying technique and a hobby that everyone can love, whether you are young or old, whether you just want to make a simple bracelet or a more advanced basket. This is the ideal place to learn your first macrame knots. Enjoy!

The technique is originally from middle east. The technique was then used for making advanced and beautiful fringes on table cloths and garment. It has now spread out all over the world by sailors, who still today is being regarded as kings of the knots.

Macrame is often recognized by the thick and stiff fishing net. Of course, you can use any type of yarn, threads or line. A knot being associated with the technique is the macrame knot.

Until today, the technique has developed amazingly, and by using different types of knots and threads, you can practically tie anything. How about a macrame bottle? Basket? Book marks, vests, ties, lamp shades, jewelry... There is no limit, just use your imagination!

A popular use of macrame is in the friendship bracelets. These are made of knots called double half-hitches. These can be tied and reversed so the colours get combined in cool patterns. If you are more interested in these, please visit my other site, Friendship Bracelets.

An other use is tying on bottles. Then you typically use the fishing net or maybe a thin type of rope. The idea is simple, start at the top, in a ring, work your way down, and let the macrame get shaped by the bottle. This gives a very special effect, especially with the glass behind. When i see a bottle with macrame, my thoughts wander away to the sea, sailors and ships.

Macrame is a hobby for everyone. You dont have to tie a hammock just to say you know macrame. The youngest are often amused by friendship bracelets. Others might do keyrings with coarse knots. Fashinists make belts, earrings and other jewellery. Artists make advanced wall decorations that really look like everything from air balloons to bumble bees or owls. Everyone has their own favourite part of the technique, it is just to find ones own and get started!



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New guestbook entry by Jocelyn

I agree with Kelena, haven't seen macrame in awhile. Love the fact that it's being used in something we all love. I think I still have a few plant hangers at the cottage. lol

New guestbook entry by Kalena

I thought macrame was a lost art until I "stumbled" upon your site through a Pinterest pin today...and repinned it! Thank you for the simple tutorials and your gallery of different items to make using macrame. My Grandmother taught me how to do it many years ago, but I could not remember how to do the knots. Again, thank you!

New guestbook entry by Blanca Campo

todo muy util para aprender, sugerencia mas tutoriales gracias

New guestbook entry by kenna_14

I just joined... Is anyone on here anymore?

Forum reply (9 months ago)
Naveed123 replied to the forum thread Butterfly.

this site is so much nice and beautiful have its theme and colors............?!

New guestbook entry by victoria

this is an awesome website .

New guestbook entry by jane

I would like to thank u for making everything simple to understand.. I appreciate it so much!!!

New forum thread (1 year ago)
Pam created a new forum thread called Videos not available .

Some of the videos listed on the tutorial page are no longer available. An error message appears saying that the person who uploaded the video closed their YouTube account. I clicked on two of the vid...

New guestbook entry by mom

looking for instructions on south american style cuff bracelet with wrapped cabochons. thanks

New guestbook entry by Nancy

I have three different sized sleigh bells, each on the end of a macramed cord that I have joined at the top and want to attach to something they can hang from. Any ideas about how I can finish it off?

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