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Basic knots

The most central in macrame is of course the knots. I will list some of the most common knots I know.

The square knot

The square knot is the most basic knot used in macrame.

Chinese crown knot

A decorative knot. Gives impression of strength.

Double half hitch

A well used knot in macrame, especially in the art of friendship braceltets.

Reverse double half hitch

A reversed double half-hitch knot. The only difference between this and a normal double half hitch is the string swapping. Making an ordinary double half-hitch make strings switch place, but not this one.

Lark head

This knot is very useful when starting a new work. Use it to fasten threads on a stick and you are ready to start tying!

Overhand knot

This knot is often used to finish macrame work so the rest of the knots dont get untied by mistake.

Pea knot

A decorative knot giving structure to any macrame work.

Spiral knot

The first half of a square knot. This knot is being used for making decorative spirals. Make a bunch of them in a row and see the result!

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